CANA Construction puts our long-established strategies to work for clients.

We Cater our Solutions to Meet Unique Project Needs

CANA utilizes a variety of tools for pre-planning and project execution that we have honed over the past seven decades. Our strategies and services are catered to our individual client and project needs.

These proven tools allow us to achieve the budget and schedule, as well as high quality standards on our projects. CANA and our staff are committed to excellence in all areas.

In the spirit of that commitment, we work with all clients prior to breaking ground on projects to ensure best overall value and quality. Our input during pre-construction enables clients to make informed decisions and help tackle challenges in order to set up projects for success. We also utilize technology as a tool to enhance our processes, in addition to promoting sustainability on our projects.

CANA Construction - Our Services

On the TELUS Spark project, CANA started on the team early in the conceptual planning stages. The collaborative and integrated team environment proved to be very beneficial on this complex project in reducing budget and delivering the facility on schedule.