CANA offers self-performed work to clients in order to provide superior quality on key scopes of work.

Our Building Experts

CANA has a trained and experienced own forces team comprised of supervisory personnel, skilled carpenters and labourers used to supplement:

  • Concrete placing and finishing
  • Doors and hardware installation
  • Rough carpentry and general site work

CANA’s supervisory staff and carpenters are ticketed and many carry their Gold Seal Certification that recognizes achievements and experience in construction. Gold Seal is focused on continuous improvement and development of construction industry standards in Canada. This focus is one that CANA also shares. Our involvement with and support of the Gold Seal program demonstrates our commitment to exceeding industry best practices. As an organization, CANA promotes education and advancement of our staff  to ensure that their skills are to the highest level and that they are carrying out work safely and with a superior level of quality.

CANA Construction - Services - Own Forces

Calgary Courts Centre – CANA poured 63,000 cubic meters of concrete for the two towers.