CANA understands the importance of promoting environmentally friendly and efficient construction to reduce impact and improve building operations.

We Follow the Best Practices for Sustainable Construction

Sustainable construction is the standard in our industry and CANA is committed to meeting and exceeding the best practices. In this effort, CANA is a member of the Canadian Green Building Council and has practices in place to maximize our involvement with “green” construction.

For CANA, sustainable construction is reflected in projects that minimize impact on the environment, offer lower maintenance requirements and utilize sustainable building materials to improve efficiency and maximize life-cycle. Our efforts now, will help to positively impact future generations.

Where we help to provide the right “green” solutions:

  • Assisting with costing of alternative high-efficiency systems for projects to lower operational costs
  • Controlling dewatering and soil erosion during construction
  • Supporting effective waste management and recycling on sites
  • Sourcing local, recycled, or sustainable materials
  • Ensuring the conservation of water and energy during construction
  • Reducing emissions from idling vehicles and equipment
  • Ensuring high in-door air quality
  • Preserving environmentally sensitive areas

Redefining sustainability through LEED

CANA has extensive experience with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). From the start of the green movement, CANA has worked on a variety of projects featuring LEED planning and execution. In fact, CANA was the Construction Manager for the first LEED certified project in Calgary, the Crowfoot Library, and continues to promote sustainable construction. CANA supports our clients and consultants to meet the LEED requirements of projects.

Just some of our LEED Gold Certified projects: